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Gaming content on demand
Live and interactive gaming content
Conversation about gaming

Because of our unique matchmaking and management tool, you don’t have to worry about

  • Selecting the best influencers

  • Price negotiations

  • Influencer contracts

  • Performance Reports

  • Gamer Payouts

Effortlessly collaborate with adshot influencers to promote your brand on multiple channels


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Achieve your goals via adshot gamers

Find out how you can achieve your business goals through adshot. During a short intake we will discuss the goals you would like to achieve via a campaign. Afterwards you will receive a proposal that includes a list of selected gamers that matches your criteria and the best ad formats to make sure your campaign becomes a real success!

Showcase your product

Let gamers demonstrate your product or service in a video or live stream. Their audience can hear the gamers' honest opinion whilst actually seeing their odol using your product or service. Some types are : demonstration, unboxing vidoes or giveaways..

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Create awareness

Gain presence on the influencers' gaming channels via (clickable) banners. Seamlessly transfer the influencers' idolization to your own brand. Stay top of mind or introduce your brand

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Spread your message

Got a message you want to spread fast to a gaming audience? Let our influencers spread your message in their own words to their audience. Mostly done via Twitter

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Corporate social responsibility via charity streams

Adshot organises charity events on Twitch where gamers motivate viewers to make a donation for a chosen cause. Provide participants with products they can give away on streams to attract more viewers to get even more donations and they will be happy to feature your brand on their channel. 100% free as it is for charity.Stay top of mind or introduce your brand

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How does it work?

01 Create campaign

During an (online) meeting we would love to hear what your company objectives are. Together we will work out a strategic plan that includes budget, targeting and the selected advertising formats we offer.

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02 Influencer selection

Based on the decisions made in step 01 we will send a proposal to the right influencers on our platform.

03 Campaign execution

During the campaign execution, we will make sure that the quality of your sponsorship meets the highest standards.

04 Outcomes

After the campaign period has ended. adshot will provide a dashboard containing the total view and engagement metrics for your campaign. You can receive videos, images and other content that was created as a part of the campaign. You are licensed to edit this content or spread it via your own channels.

Interested in working with adshot?

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the outcome of the meeting will be proposed strategy with clear targeting, budget and advertisement format suggestion without any further obligation.

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