Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

In this section we will provide an answer to some questions that we often receive or that we can imagin that you might have. Can't find you answer here: Pleae mail to :

How do I sign up to the platform?

If you want to sign up, please go to, please provide your primary email address and a strong password. Make sure you agree with the terms and conditions. Check the option ‘I allow Adshot to send me emails about new sponsorships’ if you want to receive new sponsorship offers via mail.

Can I still work directly with brands outside of adshot if I register?

Sure, we don’t work with exclusivity contracts. We just try to be the best hub to find and manage your sponsorships. Be aware that if you work with brands outside of adshot that you are not protected by our terms and conditions. This also means that you have to negotiate your own prices, services and request your own payout directly with the advertiser. The latter is not so easy if you don’t have a legal entity.

That is why you always can consider to onboard sponsors on our platform prior to working with you. We will facilitate the sponsorship between you and that brand and we are happy to offer some extra incentive for the referral. Want to onboard a brand? Please mail to

I have signed up, now what?

Please complete the wizard as thoroughly as possible, as we will use these data to select you for a sponsorship of our clients. One of the most important steps in the wizard is to link your Twitter, Twitch and/or Youtube channel as this allows us to get better information about your channel (more information here). You can take the tour. This tour will get you acquainted with the different tabs in your gamer zone.

What does it mean to link my channels?

We will never get any edit access to your channel, so we can’t post, delete or edit content only view rights. We use an API to get extra data from your channels like video views, subscribers, amount of comments and other engagements. This metrics are useful for us to determine whether you channel is eligible for particular sponsorships. We can also use these data to determine the payout amount you will receive for a sponsorship.

Where can I find sponsorships?

On the left panel and in your dashboard you will see ‘sponsorship offers’. There are three different kind of sponsorship offers.

  • Exclusive Sponsorships: These are sponsorships for which you are exclusively selected for a deal we have negotiated with a brand.
  • Instant Sponsorships: These offers have a more ‘open’ character and mostly consist of game publisher deals. You will receive a unique link and for every purchase/install your link generated you will receive a payout.
  • Charity Events: These are ‘sponsorships’ that you perform for charities (Non-profit organizations). You do not receive any payout for participating in charity deals. Neither does adshot receive any form of payout for organizing this. We use the platform as it allows us to easily set-up and organize charity events.

I don’t see any exclusive offers yet?

When you just subscribed, you (normally) will not see any exclusive sponsorship offers yet. This is due to fact that you can only get invited by us for an exclusive sponsorship. We try to work with the speed of light, but it is still difficult to invite gamers directly for an eligible sponsorship right after they signed up!

How do I get a unique link for instant deals?

The unique link will only become available after you accepted a sponsorship offer in the instant sponsorship tab. Upon acceptance, you will find the unique link in ‘my sponsorships - instant deals’ after clicking the manage button

Do I need to perform all the services that are listed in a sponsorship offer?

Yes, as we also communicated to a brand that each gamer will execute all of the services listed. We can’t deviate from this contract with the brand. Not executing one service of a sponsorship will result in a nill payment for that sponsorship.

The achieved metrics (viewcounts, sales generated, …) on the other hand do not matter: as long as you have performed the service as requested, you will be paid. Your eligibility for payment only depends on what you do and not on external factors.

I accepted a sponsorship offer and it disappeared!

Normally that sponsorship left the sponsorship offers room and went into the ‘my sponsorships’ room. Did the sponsorship offer really perform some black magic and disappear, please ping us at

What do payment metric, unit definition and unit price mean?

These three informations together describe how we will calculate your payment for a service. Here is an overview of the most used payment metrics and the corresponding unit price.

Payment metric Unit definition Unit price
CPM (cost per mille) Each thousand views on your video or channel The unit price then means how much euros you will earn per thousand viewers.
Fixed A fixed amount for executing a service regardless of any other metrics The unit price is then the fixed price in euros for the service
CPA (cost per acquisition) A price for every sale/install you generated through your unique link or gamer code The unit price then means how many euros you receive for each such sale/install

What does the max cap mean?

To make sure that we don’t exceed the brands’ budget for a campaign, we work with max caps. A max cap is a limit to what each gamer can earn by executing a certain service. The max cap uses the same unit definition as the unit price. By protecting the brand from having to pay loads to one particular gamer with an unforeseen viewcount, we can in exchange guarantee a good unit price to all participating gamers.

An example will probably enlighten you a bit more: Let’s say you perform a service with a CPM payment metric and a max cap of 5, this means that you will only get paid maximum for 5.000 views on that service.

How can I track my sales I created through an instant deal or a unique code.

Currently, any real-time status updates have to be requested to adshot through Discord or email. We are aware that is not the ideal way. That is why we are planning to implement a real-time dashboard where you can track these sales yourself. Rest assured, after the instant deal is ended the correct amount will be added to your payout zone. You can always request a screenshot that proves the amount of sales you generated for that instant offer. Please email to:

When do I receive my payment?

Normally adshot sends the brand an invoice right after the campaign or sponsorship has ended for all sponsorship deals which were executed correctly. Sometimes invoices are also based on the performance data of a campaign, which we only know after the campaign (we don’t have a crystal ball unfortunately!).

Brands receive a 30 day payment timeframe to pay after they received the invoice. We can only payout gamers after we received the initial payment from the brand. Since we can’t serve as a bank due to cash flows we can’t pay you out before the brand pays. Don’t worry we are in the same boat, if you don’t receive a payout, we won’t receive a payout.

A brand for which I received an offer on adshot contacted me to work directly with them instead of through adshot. What should I do?

Normally brands are asked to sign a contract which does not allow them to work directly with the influencers we proposed for a certain campaign.

If this happens, please let us know via , you are not a tattletale, but you are helping us to protect all other games who participate in that sponsorship.

It is in your own benefit to let us know if a brand contacted you directly. Of course, adshot implicitly charges some costs for the sponsorships it facilitates. But the guarantees we can provide to you, gamers, and to the brands thanks to our terms and conditions, payout guarantee system, automated follow-up, … are much more valuable to individual gamers and brands than the small cost we implicitly charge.

I work with a manager or agency, can I still sign up?

Nice you have someone who helps you out! Personally, we would recommend to chat with that party before signing up. Normally there is no problem as we don’t work with exclusivity contracts, so normally they/he just needs to work less to monetize your channel!

I have discovered a bug, how can I best share this?

Thank you, live by the crescendo sharing is caring! Please head on over to our discord #help-zone and mention your bug here or mail to Our team of highly trained monkeys will be dispatched asap *wink wink*.