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The adshot platform enables high-end sponsorships. As we leverage the total view count of all adshot gamers, we can offer the best payouts on our platform. Sign in and complete your profile to see new sponsorships rolling in for which you have been selected. No obligations, just pick the sponsorships you like and start earning!

How can you receive sponsorships ?

How can you receive sponsorships ?

Create an account
Connect your channels

Participating in a sponsorship is easy

Participating in a sponsorship is easy

Receive exclusive sponsorship offers
Apply for sponsorship you like

Types of sponsorships

There are five types of sponsorships we offer. You can indicate in you profile preferences
which types of sponsorship offers you would like to receive.

Branded Content
A video or stream to showcase a product or service in a creative way.
Channel Overlay
Reserve some spaces on your channel and earn extra money per viewer.

Join an awesome community

Discord can be considered as our e-office, where we are available to help out, whatever the question.

  • Meet fellow streamers or youtubers

  • Collaborate with other streamers/youtubers

  • Participate in exclusive giveaways

  • Promote your gaming channel

  • Contact GFX designers on our platform for your channel art