Show your game to the world through content creators on YouTube and Twitch

✔ Present your game publicly to our 2500+ authenticated content creators
✔ Collaborate directly with influencers to make branded content

How it works

  1. List your game to relevant influencers

    Relevant targeting options
  2. See who requests access to your game

    Receive profiles and useful insights
  3. Request creators to make video content about your game

    Receive an overview of the created content

Why adshot?

  • 2500+ authenticated content creators
  • Integrated with Twitch, YouTube and Twitter
  • Receive creative content and boost visibility for your game
  • Essential insights and feedback from influencers
  • Highly active community of creators (+4000 monthly logins)
  • Real-time support

Pricing options

Public listing
€95 / month

List your game to our community of content creators and manage the content creators that request access to your game.

In return, they may create organic content and provide feedback.

Direct collaborations
19.5% service fee

Browse our database of 2500+ authenticated creators and invite the ones you would like to make video content about your game. Easily manage content and handle payouts through Adshot.

Creators will follow your provided briefing. You only pay for approved content.

All-inclusive managemenT
Let our experts handle everything for you
  • 2500+ Authenticated influencers
  • Team of gaming influencer experts
  • Creative campaign advice
  • Flexibly tailored to your brand
  • Custom pricing

Example of a video created by our influencers